And so it starts

So the One-Act dress rehearsals begin tonight, and then the show opens on Thursday and runs until June 12th.

I am very excited for this. The cast has been outstanding, the show is funny, nothing has yet caught fire(though I have been quite sick for much of the duration) so I think I can safely say that everything will run smoothly.

For my first official directorial outing, I think I have done pretty well. I like to think I have a good eye for what is funny. Much of my directing involved the following phrase: "I noticed you doing X. It's hilarious, keep doing X". A cast that likes to experiment is simultaneously a director's friend becasue good moments can come out of it, but it can be annoying when you're trying to get a baseline of length/humour/blocking/etc. The hilarity outweighs the annoyance though. Gotta love iterative processes.

I think I knew I had succeeded when I had the following exchange last week with Amos my SM:

Amos: I just noticed X doing Y, that's really funny.
Me: I know, I told her to do that.
Amos: Really? Nice.

But the true determining happens when the show starts! So I better see you all out there cheering on my actors! They have been doing an amazing job.


Not in stereo

Bah. So I got sick again a couple weeks ago, and I still have a wicked sore throat that will not go away. I went to a doctor and got tested for strep-throat, and that came back negative. I asked my mom to take a look at it(it's handy having a doctor in the family) this weekend, and she thinks it might be mono.

Great. So I have weeks of this to look forward to? Why does my body hate me so?



In the past couple years I have become much more of a coffee drinker. It used to be tea and tea only, but now its mostly coffee. I do still enjoy tea though.

Working in an office full of coffee drinkers doesn't help, especially when we special order our own coffee(fair trade, international and delicious) and have our own office coffee maker. I will sometimes not realise just how much I've drank until after work. In the interest of minimal toilet humour, lets just say that I REALLY notice when I've had a lot of coffee to drink.

But being the guy I am, I always like to try things that are BIGGER and BETTER! A couple months ago when I was in Toronto I visited one of my favourite shops:Taste: The 4th Sense. They normally sell a whole bunch of hot sauces, olive oils and vinegars, etc, but they also had some ground coffee for sale. This coffee in fact. Yes, it is indeed called that. The only flavour they had was Chocolate Macadamia Nut, but I just could not resist.

I finally brewed myself up some not long ago.

First few sips: That's a nice nutty flavour! Don't need much sugar for this coffee.

1/4 cup gone: Ah, there's the caffeine I was looking for.

3/4 cup gone: Is there an earthquake? Why is everything shaky?



I have come to the conclusion that this coffee is best had blended in with other blends.....


"Who do you listen to?" "Uhhh......"

I hate questions like that. "What sort of music do you listen to?" "What's your favourite genre?" "Who are your favourite bands?" My tastes are very varied and have been prone to change over time. The same thing applies to movies, but slightly less so. I always have to wrack my brain any time I need to answer that question in person or for a questionaire. Especially for something like an online profile, I will sometimes notice the list a few months down the road and notice that it is way off.

That being said, here are a few stand bys that have lasted the test of my time:

I love jazz. I still listen to old albums and will warm up and jam on old blues tunes and stand bys on my bass. '50s smooth jazz and big band, '70s funk and fusion, '90s and '00s takes on classic styles, it's all good.

This dude is the undisputed master of the power ballad. Great voice, great prescence and good backing bands makes for a very memorable musical experience.

Led Zeppelin
I really need to justify this one?

Trans Siberian Orchestra
A more recent addition, but definitely a strong contender for a long lasting love. The combination of heavy metal, classical, holiday and story telling is a great mix.

Gotta love some German Industrial Metal. I've enjoyed these guys since the hey-day of "Du Hast". Bonus points go to them for having an excellent sense of humour about themselves. Translate a few of their songs and watch some of their music videos to see what I mean.

There are also a few bands and genres that have definitely started to wane in my taste:

Pop-Rock, Basic Rock
As you may have guessed from some of my favourites above, I like my rock music epic and big. Bands like Staggered Crossing, Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, etc, are certainly not bad, but my tastes are definitely drifting away from them.

I'm re-introducing myself to them, mostly for bass styles, but my phase with them and that style is definitely over.

There might be a similar post to this soon with movie stand bys and such as well.