Favourite places in KW

As my time in KW winds down, I start to think of some of the places here I will miss.

The Rum Runner. This is my favourite pub in the city. It's cozy, it's quiet, good beer selection, good food, friendly staff, good service, there is no bad news here. The only complaint is that it is slightly expensive, but that is easily overlooked.

Victoria Park. I like it, sketchy characters and all. It's very nice in the summer, and even more pretty in the fall.

Morty's. Back when I used to live up near King and Columbia, I would go here often. Best wings in town, excellent panzerotti specials, plus plenty of eye candy.

Taste of Philly Cheesesteak. If you've never been here, you really need to.

Yeah, the last couple blogs have been short. Deal with it.


Just shaaaaaaaaake it off

Sometimes you just need a mood changer. Some people like beer, others like music, I like video games.

Spend an hour or so on a video game when I'm having a rough day or have just been thinking too much, and I'm good for whatever comes next. You have to be careful with this, though, especially if you're playing something online or something particuarly hard. Your mood might get worse.

It has to be the right kind of game as well. High speed puzzle games are good, shooters are good. Beat-em-ups are especially good. Strategy games are usually not good for this purpose, if only because they are either frustrating or moving at the wrong pace.

Soundtrack goes a long way as well. The God of War and Prince of Persia series, Shadow of the Colossus, Starcraft 2, all have excellent soundtracks to get you in the right mood as well.


Winds of Change

1 degree, 2 girlfriends, 3 computers, 4 places lived, 5 countries visited, 6 FASSes, 7 years and countless friends later, I close the door on my time in Kitchener-Waterloo.

I arrived here in 2003 to begin my studies at UW, and now in 2010 I get ready to move back to Toronto. Between job prospects being slim, general ennui with the city, majority of d'Archangel already there or moving there soon and a sense that I don't really fit here anymore, I thought it was time.

At the moment, I plan to head back to Toronto at the end of October, move back in with the parents while I look for a new job, and then likely get an apartment with a friend.

Worry not, there will definitely be plenty of time to celebrate/mourn my departure, including get-togethers at my place to help me use up food that I don't want to transport. I also still have various books/CDs/movies/clothes that I am giving away, so if you want some free stuff, look me up. I will also likely need help eventually taking all of the stuff not claimed to charities and the like.

I don't make this decision lightly. I have made many friends here, and am loathe to leave them behind. I don't intend to stay a stranger, I don't intend to say goodbye forever. I do intend to move on, though. It's necessary.

I am sad that this will be the first FASS I intentionally do not participate in beyond audience. But really, many of the FASS band and crew I grew with have moved on between marriage/kids and other projects. It's sad, it's the end of an era, but life must go on.

I've titled this as the "Winds of Change" because it seems like so much of the status quo seems to be shaken right now. Economically, things are still up in the air, politically, things are up in the air, and things and people are moving all around me. Friends are moving and looking for new jobs, other friends are already elsewhere and settled, I've watched one girlfriend move on to another city, another ex is moving as you read this, and I've more or less been standing still the past couple years. I'm not ready to settle yet, though. I hate standing still. I had a solid adventure when I went to Ireland, and now it's time for another one.

Sorry if this seems disorganised and rambling, but I've been thinking about this for awhile and have only now gotten things moving, so I'm still a little emotional about it. I know things will end up fine.

I do want to try to see as many of you KWers as I can before I go though. I will miss all of you, but this is not goodbye. This is only "Au Revoir".