It's the little things

As Rule #32 of Zombieland states, "Enjoy the little things".

Little things like finding old letters and postcards that were buried under mounds of paper.
Like throwing out dead weighted stuff you don't need anymore.
Like realising just how heavy books are..............Okay, that one's a big thing.
Putting your knowledge to work in unexpected ways like optimally packing a box.
Like enjoying the cool breeze taking dust out of your apartment.
Like the neighbour's cat who always comes by because he likes your carpet.

Gotta love the little things.

Also don't forget Rule #4: "Wear Seat Belts"


Countdown begins!

Well, there are 10 sleeps left until I move. It's crazy just how quickly things spring up like that.

But, I'm getting ready.

Boxes have been collected, packing will be done, contacts are being made, jobs are being applied to, ground rules have been set with new landlords(aka parents), so things are moving right along.

I'm less emotional about the move than I was when I first made the official decision and deadline, but I know I will still miss people here. That's probably what I'll miss the most. It'll take a fair amount of time to get a good network of friends and contacts going again in Toronto, which is why I'm starting now.

I am very excited to be back in Toronto though. St. Lawrence Market, ethnic restaurants everywhere, the TTC, opportunity, theatre, concerts, etc. It'll be awesome.


Saddest. Music. Ever.

Yeah, It's been awhile. Deal with it, I've been busy.

As the title should tell you, this post is about sadness. I was poking around my glorious iTunes library when I re-found some of my Final Fantasy soundtracks. Particularly Final Fantasy X. It is one of my favourite games of all time. Yeah, the world is kind of weird, the fights are pretty easy if you do some decent leveling, and the characters are kind of silly at time(Rikku, I'm looking at you). The characters develop very well, though, and there is definitely a lot of emotion that comes through. Oh, it's great.

However, it also had great music. Not as good as Final Fantasy IX, which had an excellent mix of styles, homages, rhythms, instruments and modes. Oh, I love that soundtrack and am happy to listen to the whole thing(all 3 hours of it.....) because I hear such a variety.

X had good music, but the vast majority of it was variations on a theme. A lot of piano, a lot of chorus, and a lot of orchestra. And for the most part, they do variations on one of three themes:
The "To Zanarkand" theme which in and of itself is very pretty.
"Suteki Da Ne", the love theme. It's a love song, not a whole lot else to say. (It's also in Japanese).
"Hymn of the Fayth", a choral chant. Depending on the singer and arrangement, it alternates between haunting, reverant, lifting, a whole slew of feelings.

So, now that you have all those themes in mind, I want to finally get to the point: Saddest. Music. Ever.
The ending of this game blows me away. Spoilers are ahead, so if you really care, don't watch the video I'm about to post.

To make a long story short, the game builds up the relationship between the two main characters Tidus and Yuna, to the point as you saw in the second video where they actually acknowledge their feelings for each other. But, one of them has to make a terrible sacrifice and it ends being the one that the rest of the characters didn't expect. So, at the end, once that sacrifice has to be made, it's heart-breaking. I am not ashamed to admit I cried.

You might not see the same emotion I do in the next video, but trust me that after the many hours of emotional investment the game puts into these characters, to see them torn apart and unable to do anything about it is just gut wrenching.

And when I found my soundtrack, I found the ending music. And damn if it didn't catch me off guard and make me mist up a little. It incorporates all those themes I described above so well: From the very sad and haunting oboe solo at the beginning, to the piano bit as he says goodbye, to the crescendo of the orchestra to the slow fade out as he literally fades away, oh man it's awesome.

Here it is. Watch until about 4:20

While it may seem like the love theme is missing, it actually comes in after that part, over the credits which are not in that video.

Oh man, just watching that again was hard.