Ah, moving

Yup, it's that time again.

I'll be moving over the course of the week, with all the big stuff going on Friday. So I've been pre-occupied and not able to think up a good post to make.

So, here are some of my favourite songs for packing.

Crazy Train. Oh yeah. Energy, loud lyrics, wicked guitar solos. Dangers include being careless with your stuff, as well as going off the rails on a crazy train.

The Night Paddy Murphy Died. Easily sung along to to help the time fly by, plus keeps you moving.

Clint Eastwood. More mellow, but good for sorting.

St. Andrews. Good for organising the boxes once they're packed, has some swing to help your balance.

Be on the lookout next week for more of the best of Chuck's iPod.


Musicals? No! Music Movies!

Movies about music and musicians are a tricky lot. While there are plenty of outstanding documentaries about musicians, movie fiction about music/ians has a more mixed quality to it.

The main conflict in movies like that is the casting choices. The director of Once commented at one point that he had been working with "actors who could halfway sing, but I then realised I needed singers who could halfway act." Since that movie won an Oscar for best song, it probably wasn't a bad choice.

Very few pieces of cinema can find the perfect balance of good actors who are also good singers/musicians. Glee has managed to pull it off very well, but I think their secret is that they recruited HEAVILY form Broadway, where such talent is almost mandatory. Thus, casting has to make a choice between good actors or good singers.

And to my dismay, far too often people choose a good actor. The results are often rough, sometimes they're REALLY rough, and occasionally they're decent.

Some interesting things come out when you go the other way and have better musicians than actors. They tend not to do as well but get good cult followings. The aforementioned Once is a very touching movie, with both Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova having very natural chemistry(with good reason) on screen. The Blues Brothers is a classic for a very good reason, and it's not just the car chases. That movie cast is almost the who's who of top blues/soul talent from the 70s and 80s.

Movies about music are ones I'm naturally curious about, and I just wish more of them were like Once instead of Country Strong.


And so it begins

Beginning this Friday, and going for at least 4 weeks, d'Archangel will be averaging 1 show a week. Next week alone we have 2 shows! This is all very exciting stuff! We will be putting ourselves out there to get as many fans as we can, we'll be spreading out wider, we'll have fancy new stuff for you to hear/download/buy in the near future, so I highly recommend everyone stay tuned to the same d'Archangel channel!

If you're ever curious as to when our upcoming shows are, you can always check our MySpace, our Facebook page, or even just dropping one of us a line at our fancy band email: darchangelband@gmail.com.

February is already big, March is going to be big, and there are even bigger and more exciting plans for the spring and summer, so be ready.

This is the year d'Archangel makes the big splashes.