So, with tomorrow being the Rammstein concert, I wanted to take a moment to discuss why I like them and why I'm so excited for this show. To put it in one word, that word would be showmanship. And fire. So two words. Showmanship and fire. Til Lindemann is a pyrotechnics expert and the live shows play to that. Hard.

They are one of the few heavy metal bands to incorporate a keyboard and do it well, the lead singer has an amazingly deep and rich voice, they manage to get different sounds every album(this avoiding the AC/DC syndrome), and are just plain clever with a lot of their lyrics and music videos.

Their song Links 2 3 4 sounds like a "right wing" marching song to a lot of people, if only because it's in German with a marching beat. It's actually about how left wing they are. They can be tongue in cheek, such as with their songs Amerika or Mein Teil. Hell, even their flagship song Du Hast is about marriage vows.

My personal favourite song of theirs is actually one of their newest songs, Haifisch, the video especially. It's a subversion in all kinds of ways, from the oddness of the funeral, to the altered flashbacks to previous music videos, it's a perfect sum up.

I am SO STOKED for this concert.

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