Writing and delivery

Sometimes there are particular lyrics that are perfectly crafted. Evocative, meaningful, powerful, they hit you in all the right places.
Other times there is a performance by the singer such that no matter what they're singing, it's amazing. Their voice just has that perfect tone, the right emphasis, the testicular/ovarian fortitude to go where the song needs to go. And some very rare times, you get both at once. Great lyrics mixing with great performance is what most songwriters strive for, but few get there. For most, it's a bar or two in a single song where magic happens.

My favourite such moments are as follows, and I'd love to hear some of yours:

I Would Do Anything For Love
I doubt many are surprised by me picking a Meatloaf song. This one in particular is full to the brim of awesome lines combined with great delivery. Some specifics include "Some nights you're breathing fire, and some nights you're carved in ice" (2:00), "Some days I just pray to god of SEX AND DRUMS AND ROCK AND ROLL!" (3:45) and "Will you cater to every fantasy I got? Will you hose me down with holy water if I get too hot?" (6:10)

Okay, I'll try to avoid power ballads after this one. Say what you will about Bon Jovi, he has his moments. The whole song is good, but my favourite line is "Well there ain't no luck in these loaded dice" (4:06). Wicked.

Gotta love Alice Cooper. My line from this song: "I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name!" (1:55) Oh man, that line gives me chills.

The Card Cheat
This whole song is made of this. One of the commenters on this song has the same favourite lines as I: "From The Hundred Years War to the Crimea with the lance and the musket and the Roman spear, to all of those men who have stood with no fear in the service of the King." (1:50)

Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails raised a sceptic eyebrow when I first heard of it, but this is amazing. Particular mention goes to: "Beneath the stains of time the feelings disappear. You are someone else, I am stuck right here." (2:09)

This was by no means an exhaustive list. Please add more examples. It never hurts to have more awesome.

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