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I was introduced to this a few weeks ago, but didn't have time to talk about it much until now. This thing is so cool. It's a neat new way to create electronic music, and beyond just that, it's very trippy to just watch.

The Reactable

It's an interactive, collaborative and all around cool musical instrument. At first glance, a price tag of 9700 Euros seems like a pretty substantial investment, but musical instruments have never been particularly cheap anyway, especially for the good ones. Plus they have mobile apps that simulate it. I am HIGHLY tempted to get the app for my iPad, and I have no skill or experience with electronic music at all, if only because it's so cool and encourages collaboration.

They also seem to have a few installations at some museums and schools to encourage people(especially kids) to make music together, making it intuitively and have fun while doing it. That's pretty awesome.

If you want to see a couple cool videos of it in action, here you go: One and two

Watching it in action, I was immediately reminded of one of the great video games of the previous era that recently got an HD remake: Rez

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